Samus the Tentacle Trap

Busty nymph Samus is a officer in space shield forces. She's on patrols and a spaceship the abandoned sector in which they eyed the aliens. Unexpectedly, the intercom beeps. She's called from the primary officer and orders to emerge on the bridge in order to receive new instructions. Samus thinks her voice is comfortable, but there are a number of qualms. Samus wears a space combat suit and arrives in the bridge. Unexpectedly, there is a horrible rustling heard behind her. Samus turns around and sees several thick tentacles heading toward her. You have to run away.... So your task is to utilize the mouse and then click on the tentacles to undress busty Samus. Act fast because time is limited.

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Yoko Littner anal raped

Yoko Littner out of Gurren Lagann must bear anal forced sexual intercourse with two perverted monsters. The big man with his monster cock drills and fucks Yoko's asshole, while Yoko's ass opens. So she has pleasure forced, Yoko is filled by means of a tentacle inside her pussy. A clickon her sexual activity and Yoko will be filled with hot sperm a creampie to get an ultimate humiliation, inside her ass.

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