sexy waitress

Sex on the Beach

Sex on the beach is really a name of cocktail... but maybe not in this game in which you have such sweet looking hairy lady named Kelly! Yet Kelly works as a witress at a beach pub. Oh look - here she is and she is in rush to supply the last order before she'll go on a rest time. Nevertheless she was rush too far and all of a sudden fell so today that the drink is spilled and her short clad is lifted up! It could develop into a scandalous that another one client did not get his order but seems like that he downright forgot about it - now everything he wants is this candy bootie opened to his opinion. One moment - and here he is able to fuck this skimpy itress right onto the sand! And from how that if the gameplay commences - click active zones of Kelly's alluring body to utter all the enjoyment meters and discover what happened next!

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