Sex Kitten

Sex Kitten: Armageddon!

This new game starring Item Kitten Slutty McSlut will require you to the not so distant future where the armageddon has occurred. Know her you may feel she coul dbe why it... any way right now she is greedy and figure whose difficulty is it likely to be? The player's ofcorse! The core gameplay plot remains the same (well, because it functions and aficionados must appreciate it). You will be exploring different places, match characters about the different levels of crazyness, play their activitiesand answer their quiz and who knows what else only to perform you purpose in this digital life - get for Slutty McSlut exactly what she desires or perish trying. Ofcourse in the process you will find a good deal of parodies, easter eggs, humors and ofcourse hentai pictures! At least something!

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Sex Kitten: School Sim 2

Kept you waiting, huh? Originally started in August 24, 2017 - stupid IRL shit hap-aaahhh nope, you're not here to listen to me bitch about that. You are here to have a good time enjoying the most recent entry in a timeless classic series, thus finer late than not - the mad squad at Forkheads pridefully introduces... Sex Kitten: School 2! Within this insane episode of YOUR FUCKED UP LIFE, after getting a fuckload of cash and fellating it upon some sweet loot, you end up intellectually challenged to this point you are unable to even make use of the fancy TV and the press center that you splurged on! Your girlfriend, Slutty McSlut, at a disturbingly genre-savvy moment, forcibly enrolls you into a neighborhood college so as to receive your IQ straight back to normal amounts. Do you have what it takes to sustain within an all-girls high school utter of bloodthirsty hentai hotties and return home before this marathon of Hentai Heaven starts on Channel XXX? Warning: No more cheating. She'll know. This game is currently 6.1Mb

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