1HG: A Schoolboy Crush

This is not just another 1 game out of OneHandGames - . The narrative that has begun in"Hot Summer Nights" and has been continued in"A Schoolgirl Fantasy" will eventually find its completion in"A Schoolboy Crush". Therefore, if you was after the sexual adventures of heroes then don't miss your chance to find out how it all has turned out for them. In case you have not played other games from the series before then you most likely should check for them first-ever - you can always find them on our site. This time around the story will be dispersed around the guy named Tom. The doll that he likes very much for some reasons had to leave the classroom studying. And looks like something has occurred (you understand what if you've played former game). Tom might have to find out exactly what and how to cope with that.

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Vega Hunters [v 10.5]

As a Dranock you perform in this pursuit and you are the alien bounty hunter. Normally you catch rebel gangsters around whole space. Now you will meet with Mildred and Bloody Otter must be found by you. Throughout your task you'll meet other girls, so there'll be a lot of time.

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Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.04)

The game is stil in below development procedure so don't get imagined that youw ill get quite a few versions of it. And don't skip versions either because with every update you will find new enemies, quests, dialogue and prizes added to the game. The story occurs during the costume play summit. But not just any cosplay conference - that one was chosen through an evil witch to get an assault! All of the cosplayers that you was going to check out now might actually attempt to kill you for that! So now with help of your uber-cute companion and some other characters that you will meet along the way cancel her plans that are wicked and you will need to get this witch. And have some costume-destroying funtime with hot chicks in the procedure ofcourse!

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