Small Business Rourke (Pandorium spin-off)

A small addition to this game. This is a smallish underground business of a merchant in the market and you need to take just a little role. Help him cope with the stream of consumers. To do this, you want to visit Rourke and select a menu item that is distinctive. In the event you provide invaluable help to Rourke, he'll share his income with you. But keep in mind that Rourke will not give you a dosage of the income. Generally speaking, this addition is designed not for earnings but also for joy. So you can see the accomplishments of other people, we also included a ranking of the greatest results. After you very first-ever embark you will meet Ollie. Launches will be other chicks. The narrative with Ollie will also be available in the menu - Episodes. Have a nice day. See you afterward.

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