Hot Summer Nights

This game is a simulation of a young man who couldn't fall asleep in a hot summer night. So he decides to head to swim. But first he will need to find his swimming pants and change - because it was stated earlier it's simulator! There won't be a button"go to the pool" - you will need to walk out of your area into the coridor, go to another room and find the exit from the house. Then you'll need to come across the entrance door. Nevertheless your attempts will be rewarded - you will meet great looking girl swimming at the pool at this summer season! But don't anticipate thet you will have se along with her immediately - she won't even like you! So you'll have to spend a significant number of times until you connection will get to some significant base so play with this game only if you like some exploration challenge.

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XXX Pool Bar

This billiard game will contain some 3D elements. Get them all inopposite ones and your job is to guard your pool pockets. Clickon the ball. Video with blonde hottie will proceed.

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