Meet’N’Fuck: The Plumber

You operate as a plumber in a petite city. Beautiful people reside inside, but many beautiful and big-boobed housewives attack. Today is Friday and you are going to accomplish the purchase. Melissa's housewife includes a pipe obstructed and the machine does not get the job done. You come in the house and see Melissa. Oh gods, she has damn sexy and big hooters. Vile ideas show up in your head. You fix the water and fix the problem with the washing machine. Melissa is prepared to pay you, but you're refusing cash. Melissa offers to pay in another manner for your services. She disrobes and starts sucking your man-meat and playing with sack of babymakers. And after that you fuck Melissa in her tight cooch and round rump. This sort of payment suits you. Therefore, if you're ready, then let us start playing right now.

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Sexy Plumbing

Another working day is going to become an exciting sexual escapade... even tho you are supposed to function as an attorney. The story commences in almost classical way - plumber has to provide his services to a sexy looking and certainly not getting enough fucking woman. Following some discusson of the problem (where you'll need to choose decent lines) that you can begin your work and help her with all the pipes... actual pipes - you will need to address the mystery minigame and join all tubes lumps in order to earn the water to enter need direction! For your success you will get a reward but like in lifetime that is areal you will get it only after the task is completed. But since this isn't a real life whatsoever of your reward will be very unique and arousing you...

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