Nanny’s Day 3: Celebration

Eventually - Nanny got married. Join this party. All guests are available and drunk for any sex experiments. Take a look when wedding guests use champagne into few rooms what is happening. Type to find a few hints.

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Lake Party

There's party in the lake. And where's soiree and river - there will be hot women ready to become raw not only due to water! You will be enjoying as a student who has two sexy classmates to flirt - there'll be loyalty points for each of them. You'll receive points by doing and telling right matters and loose them opposite. However whenever the narrative will ultimately bring you all to the earlier lake party you'll find out that they have a bf allready. Is the game neds here? No, it gets really interesting from here! Do anything you can to entice these hotties and have hump then at the ending... and without their boyfriends - this is totaly up to some actions through the game! There'll be total of 5 unique endings - and ofocurse that you might attempt to unlock all of them!

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