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Cinderella’s Ball

This game is one of several interpretations of stiry about Cinderella. You know, where poor lady gets fance sundress from her fairy godmother and go to the ball at the royal castle wher prince fall in love. You play Prince or Cinderella's character but this time you will getthe chance to perform her fairy godmother! The game embarks when Cinderella is virtually prepared to go into the ball all you will need to do is to bring some adjustments to her wardrobe and appears to increase her opportunities on dragging Prince Charming in her couch tonight. Even though Cinderella will be switching he routfits do not leave behind to play he rbig tits - it will make her more horny and moist and may be very helpfull afterward tonight. Once she is ready send he rto the ball and observe how itwill end!

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