Meet’N’Fuck: BDSM Club

You're a normal office employee who has nothing interesting in existence. You work from morning to night and get really tired in the end of the week. But one time you obtained a letter. There's an invitation to a closed sadism & masochism soiree. Definitely you want to go there. After a couple of hours you locate this place. Looks to be an old abandoned mansion. You knock on the door and it opens a magical girl with XXL cupcakes. From the shock you nearly lost my head. The chick invites you to move inwards. So you enter the room and see that a huge-titted chick. Her name is Rachel. Certainly she wishes to loser around a little. And therefore don't mind doing it. Utilize the correct dialogue alternatives to participate in lecherous fucky-fucky. Find out what adventures are waiting for you at this time.

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