Rope Bondage Rebirth

Kasumi - daring ninja princess - will become yoru plaything tody. The story is not telling about how she got into situation such as this and what's going to happen next is really up to you to decide. 1 thing is sure - if you want manga porn games with bdsm elements then you are going to enjoy your time with Kasumi! Explore the game display and locate different activity points. Pull the string to spread her legs, catch and squeeze really big tits, assess what colour her undies are... and that is merely the first scene! On the left side you will see a manual window which will show you what deeds are available for one or any other region that you will be pointing your mouse cursor on. Furthermore, you may see some choices in the left bottom corner here you can change Kasumi's clothing or turn her around in case you prefer to behave from behind.

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