Doctor Girlfriend

Lucky patient 03

Looks like our patient stud was so pleased with support in this hospital he has come back here one more time! Even though he has no health problems the physician and her junior assisstant still will have to test him. And as they always do they will start thier evaluation with testing his erection... all that you need to do is too choose which of them will be testing it very first! The gameplay is more than simple - enjoy sexy romp scene with a couple of buxom hotties doing to please your beefstick. You can change the strength of actions (from effortless to challenging) and chnage the viewpoint. Moreover, you will see pleasure meter that is going to be packing up automatically and once it's full you'll be allowed to change on to another scene... or continue luving the continuing scene for so long as you want!

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Fuck Town: Date with an Ophthalmologist

When you're applying for a driver's licence so that you're in a position to drive a car, you must visit your doctor and receive commission. Meet ophthalmologist Isabella Ruiz that is large. Her breasts could visit even a blind-man. Do what she says to get put with her.

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