Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.02)

There are shadowy things about to occur at the local pokemon admirers and cosplayers convention this year! And by"dark objects" we imply an ancient and evil witch who is going to attempt get around the world and start her conquest from this petite convention center. You will be enjoying as part of a old arrangement of magicians that are supposed to stop such things from happening and togethe rwith your ultra-cute prtner you are going to halt the invasion of a wicked obliges. If this means that you will have to manage a bunch of sexy femmes dressed up as pokemons then so be it probably you were thinking they are dressed in a lot of clothing anyhow! Game unites a great deal of mechanics - out of rouge-like venture to rpg and also trun-based conflicts - so that you ar egoing to have a great deal of fun even when you aren't into pokemons whatsoever.

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Con-Quest! Poké-con (Version 0.04)

The game is stil in below development procedure so don't get imagined that youw ill get quite a few versions of it. And don't skip versions either because with every update you will find new enemies, quests, dialogue and prizes added to the game. The story occurs during the costume play summit. But not just any cosplay conference - that one was chosen through an evil witch to get an assault! All of the cosplayers that you was going to check out now might actually attempt to kill you for that! So now with help of your uber-cute companion and some other characters that you will meet along the way cancel her plans that are wicked and you will need to get this witch. And have some costume-destroying funtime with hot chicks in the procedure ofcourse!

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