Samus the Tentacle Trap

Busty nymph Samus is a officer in space shield forces. She's on patrols and a spaceship the abandoned sector in which they eyed the aliens. Unexpectedly, the intercom beeps. She's called from the primary officer and orders to emerge on the bridge in order to receive new instructions. Samus thinks her voice is comfortable, but there are a number of qualms. Samus wears a space combat suit and arrives in the bridge. Unexpectedly, there is a horrible rustling heard behind her. Samus turns around and sees several thick tentacles heading toward her. You have to run away.... So your task is to utilize the mouse and then click on the tentacles to undress busty Samus. Act fast because time is limited.

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Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault

This game is a full scale cosmic opera so if you intended to observe each of the hentai scene in two minutes then you ought to try to search for a different entertainmnet tonight. However, if you are prepared for adventures in area using a team including hot anime women as pilots and warriors then you should definitely try thisone! Throughout your adventures you will explore and visit unique places and star ships. In order succesfull on missions you'll have to look after your team - educate your girls, feed tham, get them best gear possible and so forth. Getting laid with them can be a choice in the event that you will see the way - and you can select your favorites! Don't neglect to inspect the tutorial as it's extremely complex game and a number of aims of this might not be quite as obvious.

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Orga Fighter

This is simply a preview match, complete version is coming soon. In this mature platform game (similar to Shinobi Girl) you play as a big breasted pupil and your job is to fight your way through different horny sex bots. Utilize A or J for punch, Z or K to kick. W A S D or Arrow Keys to move. Press X to masturbate.

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