3d graphics

Krynatria’s Tales

Story starts in a fantasy wilderness. A servant and a maid that was clever created a bargain, Enshrined in a way. To restore his liberty, the slave must pass through different experiences reaching climax and through struggles.

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SPY: Agent 69

In the next great game from Lesson of Passion, you will try yourself as a spy named agent S, a sexy hot girl with huge breast and sexy shapes. Of course, her beauty and charm very much help her at her work, and they will be useful to her this time too! The boss sends Agent S to a new mission - preventing the terrorist attack of a dangerous terrorist named Ahmed Manir. We don't know when and where the attack will take place, and now it's up to the girl to find it out. However, to fulfill this task, she will first have to get closer to the criminal. To do this will help Megan - his right hand, which you must also seduce and lull her vigilance with your charm! As always, you are waiting for interesting dialogues with multiple choices of answers, high-quality 3d graphics, and also hot sex scenes! Complete your mission and don't forget to have fun!

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